Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter


Have you changed your air filter recently? Here’s why you need to…

With summer drawing to a close and a change of season imminent, it’s time to start paying attention to your home’s air quality. Can you remember the last time you changed your air filter? It’s an easy thing to lose track of and it can seem like a fairly inconsequential task. But it’s more important than you’d think!

Smoke, bacteria, pollen, dust, pet dander, and other microscopic particles your home is exposed to are normally trapped by air filters – after all, that’s their job! But if you keep the same air filter for more than three months, you and your family is breathing – you guessed it – smoke, bacteria, pollen, dust, you name it. Whether it’s being breathed in, wiped up, handled, or smelled, those particles are now in your home’s environment – and that’s no good!

Not only is this not good for you and your family’s health, but neglecting your air filters for too long can lead to expensive repairs. Debris caught by air filters can end up damaging the entire system if left for too long with replacing. Think of air filters as the lungs of your house: If your lungs are clogged, you’re going to have a hard time breathing. Same goes for your home!

The ins and outs of air filter replacements

The good news here is that the actual process of changing your air filter is incredibly easy. The only somewhat-difficult part really is remembering to do it, finding the location, and keeping up on filter ratings.

Filters are rated by the MERV rating. This indicates the ability of an air filter to remove dust from the air. The higher the rating, the fewer particles will pass through the filter, and the rating goes from 1 to 16.

The next thing to be aware of is the location. Locations will obviously vary from home to home, but central air systems usually have the filter location along the return duct’s length. This could mean the location is in walls, ceilings, furnaces, or on the unit itself.

Then there’s keeping up on the actual scheduled maintenance. A good way to remember is to set an appointment on your smartphone’s calendar for three months from the day you replace the air filter. During hotter months it isn’t a bad idea to replace the filter once a month or once every two months.

The actual process of replacing the air filter itself is as easy as finding the air filter location, removing the used filter, and sliding in the new filter. Close it up and you’re all set!

Still confused? Give us a call!

Don’t ever feel embarrassed about requesting help – no matter how small the issue is, we’re willing to come on our for a service call – and we won’t upcharge you into next week for it! We can help you find the location of your air filter, make recommendations on the best filters, and do the actual installation while instructing you. Trust us, we’re happy to help.

Or feel free to give us a call and, if available, one of our technicians can help over the phone! We’re all about keeping it stress-free here at J&B Comfort. Feel free to call us at 610-738-9260 anytime. Good luck!


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